2015 Diving Article- Brittany Dixon (FS/OG)

2015 Diving Article- Brittany Dixon (FS/OG)

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Shanley-Oak Grove diver Brittany Dixon continues to succeed on the board
By Tom Mix

Fargo--Heights don't bother Fargo Oak Grove senior Brittany Dixon.

In the spring, Dixon can be found pole vaulting to record heights for the Grovers track and field team. Once fall rolls around, Dixon doesn't stay grounded long, being a standout diver on Fargo Shanley-Oak Grove's swimming and diving team.

Dixon, a North Dakota state champion in both diving and pole vaulting, said there are crossover skills in both her sports, but she credits a background in a different sport for her success as diver and vaulter.

"I was a gymnast before I started diving and pole vaulting," Dixon said. "You see that with a lot with good divers and pole vaulters. They are successful because they were gymnasts. They know how to use their bodies and keep it controlled."

Dixon was a competitive gymnast for over 10 years at American Gold and TNT.

This fall, Dixon has set personal best scores in both 11- and six-dive series.

"I have been working on the basics and focusing on the things I need to do with every single dive," said Dixon, who won last year's state diving title with a score of 412.60. "My scores are getting higher. I think diving over the summer and working hard in practices has helped my dives out a lot."

Dixon has placed first in all seven competitions this season and with 10 meets left before the state meet, Dixon said she is hoping to improve her scores.

At the Bismarck Century Invitational, Dixon scored a 436.95 and in the process received her first ever individual score in the nines on a particular dive.

"I was hoping to break 430 at that meet," Dixon said. "I was super surprised with the nine score because it was on a dive that I don't think is my best one. It felt really good."

Her best six-dive series score this year is 250.5, which like her 11-dive personal record score ranks third all-time in Shanley-Oak Grove's record book. She also set a new six-series dive pool record at West Fargo with a 242.75.

Shanley-Oak Grove diving coach Billy Hanson said he is confident Dixon's scores will improve as the season progresses.

"Brittany never stops trying to get better," said Hanson, who has coached with the Shanley-Oak Grove program for 10 seasons. "She has that competitive spirit that she always wants to score higher. She has great physical strength and the guts you need to have for diving. She not afraid to try something new."

Dixon also swims several individual events and relays for the Deacons, something Hanson said is rare for divers, who tend to specialize.

"Just with her pure athleticism she is one of our fastest swimmers," Hanson said. "She doesn't practice swimming. She just jumps in and finds a way to muscle through it."

As for picking which sport she'll compete in during college, Dixon remains undecided. Dixon is looking at schools in Colorado and Michigan that could allow her to compete in both.

"I've been struggling with that," Dixon said of her decision between vaulting and diving. "I have been trying to decide which sport I want to compete in college. I couldn't decide so I'm going to do both."
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