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Local News Coverage

Postby classB4ever » Fri Jan 31, 2014 12:40 pm

I have become extremely disappointed with coverage of class b basketball on our local sports channels and newspapers. In the past decade, our evening sports coverage has gradually went down to basically running through the scores at the end of the sports segment. Most of the time so fast you barely have time to even read them. And in the newspaper I receive, there are so many errors you have to wonder if it is even worthy of reading.
Now, I certainly understand that the colleges in these town deserve top billing and that the class A teams in these towns deserve the majority of air time as well. And I also know that class b basketball is no where close in popularity that it once was. But, the quality of coverage for the small schools has went down dramatically.
I will say that Greg DeVillers for the Grand Forks Herald is the exception. He has been outstanding over the years in covering class b teams in our area and has written many good articles. Also, I think that Minot does the best job of covering class b sports on their local sports channel.
Is it just me or has the coverage for girl's and boy's class b basketball fallen off the ledge? I am to the point of cancelling my newspaper subscription and have already quit watching wdaz sports.
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Re: Local News Coverage

Postby Hinsa » Fri Jan 31, 2014 1:24 pm

That's just another after-effect of the population migration in the state. In the Valley, the large majority of the newspaper's and TV's audience is in Grand Forks or Fargo. These are the people that advertisers want to reach, and these stations/newspapers must cater to those advertisers. Thus the coverage for college and city sports. If all of a sudden the demographics of the audience changes to a more rural percentage, then you'd see some coverage of Class B sports come back.

It's all about money and maximizing profits.
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Re: Local News Coverage

Postby ndlionsfan » Fri Jan 31, 2014 1:46 pm

I will agree with you that Minot does the best job at both TV coverage and the paper. Not sure how Bismarck is because I'm not from the area. GF and Fargo have gone downhill for small town coverage and what they do cover is 75% MN small towns vs ND. The Herald is a little better at doing some small town feature stories, but I definitely agree it could be better. But like Hinsa said, it all comes down to money and that's what they need to do to maximize profits.

I love the small town weekly papers. Many are very good about covering the area teams. I never miss a chance to read a small town paper when I'm at a café or traveling for my work, even though most of the time I have no connection to anything they cover.
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Re: Local News Coverage

Postby go maji » Fri Jan 31, 2014 3:38 pm

I agree. KFYR is so bias. You would think that there wasn't a town within a 30 mile radius of Bismarck. If it isn't a Bismarck game they wont show it. Same with their paper.
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Re: Local News Coverage

Postby B-oldtimer » Wed Feb 12, 2014 2:02 pm

I agree Minot media does good job covering class b sports. The next best is Grand Forks during the week but on the weekends when Fargo takes over WDAZ TV very little coverage for Class b. Fargo Tv stations lucky to get a score on scroll line its all about NDSU, Concordia, and Moorhead State. Then if there's time left over for Und and maybe Class A Davies , Fargo South, and West Fargo.
Somebody early said its for getting the audience to watch there stations but I find the advertising they are selling is usually for us in Grand Forks area is for farmers who are in rural and small class b towns. So what are they not doing targeting audience for what they are selling if I was advertiser I would not be pleased. Also target college audience is not watching news cast they are getting it via there app for stories on their university. I too am interested in College scores but I also want high school scores covered and teams covered. The colleges all have sports departments that cover there teams and if I want more coverage on college team all you have to do is go to web site or app. High school teams have none of this and this why I like for local stations to cover high school teams. I wonder sometimes what media is doing but I think its because a lot of people in charge come from other bigger markets and don't understand ND is very different were much more connected as communities and we are interested what happening at small community. Ps Northwest and western Minnesota should be included in same attitude they care what's happening in small communities from news to sports. Bismarck I don't know much about there coverage out my area to follow for coverage.
Locally in Grand Forks area we should be thankful for Pat Sweeney on WDAZ and Greg Devillers with Grand Forks herald they have done good job covering high school sports with limited staff and time.
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