2006-2007 Class B All-State Volleyball Team

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Postby ndsports08 » Tue Nov 28, 2006 7:11 am

Does anybody know who was on the 2006-2007 Class B All-State Volleyball Team? If you do could you please let me know! Thanks much!:)

Postby rep » Tue Nov 28, 2006 7:16 am

[font=Arial]All-tournament team

Hillsboro - Ashley Haines, Kendra Leidholm. Kenmare - Keri Nelson, Cassie Reid, Kendra Miller. Tioga - Stephanie Feiring, Abby Bratlien. Dickinson Trinity - Kayla Boespflug. Langdon - Taylor Hart. Flasher - Christy Gabrielson. Edgeley-Kulm - Carol Hollingsworth. Lisbon - Katherine Anderson.

All-state team

Oakes - Kristen Warren. Northern Cass - Ashley Holmstrom. Hillsboro - Ashley Haines. Thompson - Tara Thompson. LaMoure - Jada Meiklejohn. Ellendale - Valerie Glynn. Wells County - Cara Bibelheimer. Langdon - Taylor Hart. New Salem - Sarah Holle. Flasher - Christy Gabrielson. Minot Our Redeemer's - Brittany Jacobson. Bottineau - Abbey Aide. Hazen - Allison Christian. Richardton-Taylor - Katie Zent. Tioga - Abby Bratlien, Stephanie Feiring.

Senior Athlete of the Year: Abby Bratlien, Tioga.

Coach of the Year: Brooks Dockter, Tioga.[/font]

Re: 2006-2007 Class B All-State Volleyball Team

Postby HailMary » Tue Feb 08, 2011 12:03 pm

There was a girl named Katie Zent that I met on a football trip and had some memorable times with. I remember her telling me she was a good volleyball player but I had no idea she was all state that is awesome! I'll keep the memories to myself, but first kisses are never a bad thing. I just flipped out when I found this old team photo.

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