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Postby rep » Mon Oct 30, 2006 4:45 pm

[align=center]Regional Tournament Schedules[/align]

[align=center]Opening Round - Nov. 4[/align]
[align=center]Region 1 [/align]

[align=left]FCT vs. Maple Valley[/align]
Enderlin vs. Oakes

Lisbon vs. Finley-Sharon-Hope-Page

Kindred vs. Wyndmere

[align=center]Region 2 [/align]
Hillsboro vs. Drayton-St. Thomas

Park River-Fordville Lankin vs. Hatton-Northwood

MPCG vs. Minto

Cavalier vs. Thompson

[align=center]Region 3 [/align]

(6-1) Linton vs. (5-4) Edgeley-Kulm

(6-2) Wishek vs. (5-3) LaMoure

(5-2) Ellendale vs. (6-3) Steele-Dawson

(5-1) LMM vs. (6-4) Napoleon

[align=center]Region 4[/align]
Lakota vs. Adams-Edmore

Langdon vs. Maddock

Wells County vs. Rolla-Rock Lake

North Star vs. Harvey

[align=center]Region 5[/align]
New Salem vs. Sheridan County

Turtle Lake Mercer vs. Shiloh

Flasher vs. Wilton-Wing

Washburn vs. Center-Stanton

[align=center]Region 6[/align]
Velva vs. Minot Ryan

Kenmare vs. Rugby

Bottineau vs. Des Lacs-Burlington

Our Redeemers vs. Westhope

[align=center]Region 7[/align]
Belfield vs. Dickinson Trinity

Hazen vs. Beach

New England vs. Killdeer

Beulah vs. Mott-Regent

[align=center]Region 8[/align]
Watford City vs. Ray

Tioga vs. New Town

Stanley vs. Powers Lake

Divide County vs. Trenton

[align=center]Semifinals - Nov. 6 [/align]

[align=center]Championship - Nov. 7[/align]
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