Region 5 Predictions

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Region 5 Predictions

Postby jtdc492 » Fri Feb 17, 2012 12:51 pm

Shiloh vs Wilton
TL-M-M vs Standing Rock
Washburn vs New Salem
Garrison vs. Flasher

I'll take Shiloh over Wilton. Although Wilton-Wing is playing better ball as of late Shiloh is just too well balanced. Shiloh by 15.

TL-M-M is the biggest team in the state and that will be the differnce here. Standing rock is more athletic and will give them a run, but size will beat quickness in this one. TL-M-M by 10.

Washburn vs. New Salem. Washburn by 15. New Salem is the cinderella story of the region, but Washburn is playing inspired ball and will outhustle NS.

Garrison vs. Flasher. Flasher is also playing well in the post season, but Ian McDonald played surprisingly well with what appears to be a mild knee injury. If Mykle Rud and Brooks Reinholtz bring their A game I'll take Garrison by 2 in the best game of the day.

Shiloh will pull out a win over TL-M-M in a good game, this will be within 7 pts.
Washburn will face Garrsison and if Garrison is knocking down 3s, look out. I'll still take Washburn just because I like their hustle. Washburn by 9.

Shiloh and Washburn for the Championship. This is where Shiloh's depth will make a difference. Over three days their legs will be a little fresher just because they can rotate in more players. Shiloh wins in a close one.

TL-M-M takes third over Garrison by 15.
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Re: Region 5 Predictions

Postby NDplayin » Fri Feb 17, 2012 2:57 pm

D9 #1 Shiloh Christian vs. D10 #4 Wilton-Wing
D10 #2 Turtle Lake-Mercer-McClusky vs. D9 #3 Standing Rock
D10 #1 Washburn vs. D9 #4 New Salem-Almont
D9 #2 Flasher vs. D10 #3 Garrison

Shiloh vs. TLM-M
Washburn vs. Garrison

Shiloh vs. Garrison
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