Feelings on Parochial schools?

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Re: Feelings on Parochial schools?

Postby mags » Fri Jan 13, 2012 10:17 am

Im all for private schools
Indy nails it right on the head here, what people from rural small towns that are big class B fans need to understand is that the ND private school supporters and kids are not choosing whether to go to trinity over going to hazen and its not Shiloh over washburn, they are choosing to go to shiloh over Bismarck high! and let me tell you most all of these private schools let the kids take classes at the major class A school if the big school has a class that the private school doesnt offer, and there are some MAJOR WEIRD kids at these massive schools. (hair color, piercings, tattoes, inappropriate clothing) Also kids from north dakotas major cities have a much lower chance of getting involved with the wrong crowd and they are able to stay out of trouble better when they attend a smaller religion based school. And I think everyone in this forum can agree that you cant beat a class B enviroment for school with class size, and the fact that you can have a close relationship with about the whole school. So private schools give big town kids a chance for that type of schooling if they want it.
Also like indy said, yes public school kids can have faith in their life. But the private school kid, that might not otherwise care experiences it every day multiple times.
In case class A supporter reads this comment, "yes i know little jimmy is a great kid" im just saying there is lots of kids that are a bit off.

God Bless, Go Tebow!
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Re: Feelings on Parochial schools?

Postby MarkyMark » Fri Mar 09, 2012 1:02 pm

I just like a small school that gets their students involved in everything. That is one one of the reasons I send my kids to Oak Grove.

Why not look at the existence of private schools as a compliment to Class B and the opportunities you get as a student in a small ND school?

Oak Grove has done well in boys basketball but I attritute that to the program built by Steve Carnal and Kyle Card. We have been fortunate to have these two very good coaches lead OG for the past 4 decades.
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Re: Feelings on Parochial schools?

Postby SportsYearRound » Tue Mar 13, 2012 10:30 pm

Indy5 wrote:Ok, yes children in the public schools can have God in their life, what some people have tried to point out is that it is much easier when your in a religious environment all day. This also leads to the average kid having more of a relationship with God than the average kid at a public school. This is just my opinion but does this not seem reasonable that the kid exposed more would be more likely to have God in their life more?

My feelings on them are positive. I think it is nice that they can offer an environment with smaller classes while still having the advantages of being in a bigger city. I personal am glad I attended one, and will most likely send my kids to one. I think it's a better alternative than the large public schools (talking about class A schools) that are halfways a circus with that many kids.

Also, Schwab, I would say that some private schools are run cheaper than public schools. On average, it costs $7,000 to send a kid to public school. There are private schools that are more than that, and there are some that are less than that. Do donations get big? Maybe. I know Shanley gets a lot of money from donors. That is also why the school looks the way it does. People can donate to public schools too, no? So I don't really think that's a fair argument to use.

I agree with Indy on this one. As a Christian, I wish we had more Christian schools in North Dakota. I do think that Christian schools are very advantageous for the body of Christ to utilize. They aren't so politically correct. Teachers and students seem to be closer. Student peers seem to have healthier relationships and lifestyles. They also get the chance to incorporate God into learning which every Christian can agree is a plus. Then like Mark said, these schools seem to excel at getting kids involved which I feel is so important for life lessons.

With all that said, I understand that there are many mainstream public school-religion entanglement misconceptions, but that's a whole other argument. I know many Christians who attend public schools. Sadly, it's becoming more and more difficult to live out a Christian life in the public realm.
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Re: Feelings on Parochial schools?

Postby leanhnam220 » Thu Sep 03, 2015 9:35 pm

This topic is interesting Tiny Tanks Unblocked :lol:
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Re: Feelings on Parochial schools?

Postby HammerTime » Sat Sep 12, 2015 1:45 pm

leanhnam220 wrote:This topic is interesting Tiny Tanks Unblocked :lol:

Please don't get this started. I can see where this could go if it starts up. We do not want to have a conversation about religion, high school kids that might reject it, and the implications it will have on sports. This won't end well.
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