Presbyterian College Flex Advantages

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Presbyterian College Flex Advantages

Postby Coachmckinnis » Thu Jul 28, 2011 1:58 pm

For coaches who run the flex offense here is a good list to consider.

Advantages of Running the Flex Offense
1. Can not double the point guard
2. 15 ft jump shot is the worst shot
3. Advantages of motion with structure
4. Need only one pass to change sides of the floor
5. Teaches discipline and ball control
6. Players like it
7. Good to isolate players on the block
8. Difficult to defend
9. Difficult to pressure this offense
10. Good if you have 5 average size players with equal skill

Disadvantages of Running the Flex Offense
1. Not geared to your best player
2. Takes away penetration
3. If you can't get it inside, it becomes a jump shot offense
4. Often the shot will go up with your key rebounders away from the basket

SOURCE: Information taken from The Super Guide to the Flex Offense
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