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EDC Remaining Schedule

Postby Run4Fun2009 » Mon Jan 23, 2012 3:52 pm

EDC Standings:

Red River 8-0 (10-0)
West Fargo 7-3 (7-3)
Fargo South 7-3 (6-4)
Fargo Shanley 6-3 (7-3)
Wahpeton 6-3 (7-3)
Fargo Davies 5-4 (6-4)
Devils Lake 2-6 (2-8)
GF Central 1-7 (2-8)
Fargo North 1-7 (1-9)
Valley City 0-7 (2-9)

Tuesday, January 24th
Fargo North @ GF Central
Moorhead (MN) @ Fargo South
West Fargo @ Fargo Shanley
Wahpeton @ Fargo Davies
Valley City @ Lisbon
Devils Lake @ GF Red RIver

Thursday, January 26th
GF Red River @ Fargo South

Friday, January 27th
Devils Lake @ Fargo North
Fargo Davies @ West Fargo
Wahpeton @ GF Central

Tuesday, January 31st
Fargo South @ Fargo North
GF Central @ West Fargo
GF Red River @ Fargo Shanley

Thursday, February 2nd
Fargo South @ Wahpeton
Fargo Shanley @ Devils Lake

Friday, February 3rd
Fargo Davies @ GF Red River
GF Central @ Valley City (2 pts)

Saturday, February 4th
Fargo Shanley @ Fargo North
West Fargo @ Devils Lake
Valley City @ Fargo Davies

Tuesday, February 7th
Fargo Davies @ Fargo Shanley
Wahpeton @ Fargo North
Fargo South @ GF Central
Valley City @ GF Red River (2 pts)

Friday, February 10th
Devils Lake @ Fargo Davies
Fargo North @ Valley City (2 pts)
Fargo South @ Fargo Shanley

Saturday, February 11th
Devils Lake @ Wahpeton
West Fargo @ GF Red River

Monday, February 13th
GF Central @ GF Red River

Tuesday, February 14th
Fargo Davies @ Fargo South
Fargo North @ West Fargo
Wahpeton @ Valley City

Thursday, February 16th
Valley City @ Devils Lake (2 pts)
Fargo North @ GF Red River

Friday, February 17th
Devils Lake @ Fargo South
GF Central @ Fargo Shanley

Monday, February 20th
Fargo North @ Fargo Davies

Tuesday, February 21st
Devils Lake @ GF Central
Valley City @ Fargo Shanley
GF Red River @ Wahpeton

Thursday, February 23rd
Fargo Davies @ GF Central
Wahpeton @ Fargo Shanley
West Fargo @ Fargo South
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