Past State Champions (Class B)

Past State Champions (Class B)

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Class B Past State Champions (1950 - 2013)
1950-1960 = 8 Teams listed
1961-1993 = Top 4 Teams listed
1994-2013 = 8 Teams listed


1950: Enderlin, Arthur, Mayville, Harvey, Hoople, Egeland, Carpio, Beulah
##1951: Minto, Hankinson, Columbus, Rugby, Casselton, Drake, Wishek, New Salem
1952: Minto, Hankinson, Cando, Casselton, McClusky, Kenmare, New Salem, Wishek
1953: Hankinson, Minto, Leeds, Hope, Kenmare, Beulah, McVille, Wishek
1954: Casselton, Enderlin, Esmond, Minto, Mayville, Streeter, Lansford, Fessenden
1955: Streeter, Enderlin, Lansford, Minto, Casselton, Cando, Hettinger, Hope
1956: Beulah, Hillsboro, Minto, Lansford, Hope, Lisbon, Ashley, Velva
1957: Wyndmere, West Fargo, Fessenden, Larimore, Lansford, Minto, Underwood, Zeeland
1958: Drayton, Hettinger, Lidgerwood, Lansford, Page, Hazelton, Lakota, Cando
1959: Drayton, Hazelton, Lansford, Hatton, Hettinger, Lisbon, Velva, Kindred
1960: Drayton, Sargent Central, Lansford, Hettinger, Ashley, Velva, Lakota, Page
1961: Drayton, Lansford, Lisbon, Hazelton
1962: Drayton, Lisbon, Zeeland, Lansford
1963: Drayton, Enderlin, Lansford, Braddock
1964: Velva, Drayton, Gwinner, Medina
1965: Minot, Steele, Hillsboro, Ryder
1966: Tolna, Velva, Colfax, Minto
1967: Hillsboro, Hatton, Velva, Rolette
1968: Hillsboro, Fordville, Lansford, Maddock
1969: Hatton, Fordville, Trenton, Dunseith
1970: Hatton, Kenmare, Chaffee, Maddock
1971: Hatton, Rolette, Zeeland, Velva
1972: Dunseith, Inkster, Donnybrook, Zeeland
1973: Zeeland, Glenburn, Rolette, Minto
1974: Zeeland, McClusky, Robinson, Tolna
1975: Tolna, Makoti-North Shore, Thompson, Chaffee
1976: Rolla, Velva, Thompson, Gwinner-Sargent Central
1977: Hatton, Velva, Rolla, Zeeland
1978: Midway (Inkster), Chaffee, Velva, Drake
1979: Hatton, Velva, Steele, Lakota
1980: Edmore, Hatton, North Shore, McHenry
1981: Edmore, Glenfield-Sutton-McHenry, Chaffee, Steele
1982: Hatton, Midway (Inkster), Velva, Lansford
1983: Thompson, Washburn, Velva, Munich
1984: Velva, Tolna, Thompson, Lakota
1985: Thompson, Munich, Washburn, Velva
1986: Velva, Enderlin, Minto, McClusky
1987: Lakota, Hatton, Surrey, McClusky
1988: Hatton, Surrey, Munich-Starkweather-Border Central, McVille
1989: Bisbee-Egeland-Cando, Sawyer, Cass Valley North, Steele-Dawson
1990: Enderlin, McVille-Aneta, Munich-Starkweather-Border Central, Sawyer
1991: Munich-Starkweather-Border Central, Thompson, Washburn, Bowbells-Kenmare
1992: Munich-Starkweather-Border Central, Washburn, Thompson, Surrey
1993: Surrey, Washburn, Enderlin, Thompson
1994: Dakota Prairie-Tolna-Warwick, Velva-Drake, Bishop Ryan, Washburn, St. Thomas, Mayville-Portland, Rolette-Wolford, Enderlin
1995: St. Thomas-Valley, Bishop Ryan, Sawyer, Munich-Starkweather-Border Central, Sheyenne-New Rockford, Enderlin, Washburn, May-Port-CG
1996: St. Thomas-Valley, Bishop Ryan, Thompson, Washburn, Enderlin, Sawyer, Munich-Starkweather-Border Central, Sheyenne-New Rockford
1997: Enderlin, Velva, Bishop Ryan, Hatton, Cavalier, Lakota, Rugby, Washburn
1998: Bishop Ryan, Sheyenne-New Rockford, Surrey, Hope-Page, Washburn, Rugby, Hatton, Cavalier
1999: Thompson, Hope-Page, Cavalier, Des Lacs-Burlington, Munich-Starkweather-Border Central, Surrey, Washburn, Harvey
2000: Bishop Ryan, Cavalier, Enderlin, Thompson, Munich-Starkweather-Border Central, Max-Garrison, Sheyenne-New Rockford, Washburn
2001: Bishop Ryan, Velva-Drake, May-Port-CG, Midkota-Griggs County Central, Washburn, Enderlin, Rugby, Cavalier
2002: Cavalier, Midkota, Thompson, Hope-Page, Bishop Ryan, Surrey, Steele-Dawson-Napoleon-Wing-Tuttle-Pettibone, Rugby
2003: Cavalier, Des Lacs-Burlington, Velva-Drake-Sawyer, Hope-Page, May-Port-CG, Washburn, Midkota, Munich-Starkweather-Border Central-Cando
2004: Cavalier, Steele-Dawson-Napoleon-Wing-Tuttle, Max-Garrison, Central Cass, Midkota, Thompson, Bishop Ryan, Rugby
2005: Thompson, Grafton, Velva/Drake, Northern Cass, Dakota Prairie, Rolla-Rolette, Bishop Ryan, Washburn
2006: Steele-Dawson, Langdon, Velva/Drake, Midkota, Thompson, LaMoure, Bishop Ryan, Rolla-Rolette
2007: Bishop Ryan, Munich-Starkweather-Cando, Velva/Drake, Steele-Dawson, Grafton, Thompson, Finley-Sharon-Hope-Page, Harvey-Wells County
2008: Bishop Ryan, Dakota Prairie, Munich-Starkweater, Hillsboro-Central Valley, Grafton, Steele-Dawson, LaMoure-LM, Velva/Drake
2009: Bishop Ryan, Central Cass, Hatton-Northwood, Shiloh Christian, Grafton, Munich-Starkweather-North Star, Dakota Prairie, Velva/Drake
2010: Velva/Drake-Anamoose, Bishop Ryan, Shiloh Christian, Harvey-Wells County, Grafton, Enderlin-Maple Valley, Bottineau, May-Port-CG
2011: Kindred-Richland, Grafton, Velva/Drake-Anamoose, May-Port-CG, Bottineau, Dakota Prairie, Hettinger, Watford City
2012: Beulah, Grafton, Lewis & Clark-Berthold, Washburn-Wilton-Center-Stanton, Bottineau, Kindred-Richland, Carrington, Hatton-Northwood
2013: Central Cass, Grafton, Beulah, Carrington, Harvey-Wells County, Thompson, Bishop Ryan, Trenton-Trinity Christian
2014: Watford City, Hazen, Grafton, Velva-Drake-Anamoose, Kindred-Richland, Midkota, Harvey-Wells County, Thompson
2015: May-Port-CG, Carrington, Grafton, Velva/Drake, Beulah, Kindred-Richland, Harvey-Wells County, Lewis & Clark/Parshall
2016: Thompson, Beulah, Carrington, Park River-FL, Northern Cass, Rugby, Central McLean, Lewis & Clark/Parshall
2017: Park River-FL, Thompson, Kindred-Richland, Carrington, Bishop Ryan, Shiloh Christian, Mohall-Lansford-Sherwood/GKB, Rugby
2018: Park River-FL, Thompson, Carrington, Beulah, Velva/Drake-Anamoose, Des Lacs-Burlington, Rugby, Enderlin/Maple Valley

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