How does it look.

The teams in Class AAA

How does it look.

Postby bisonfaithful » Tue Aug 19, 2014 1:35 pm

I was wondering everyones thoughts on how it will shake out this year from top to bottom of AAA Football. I know FS will be tough with JJ at RB, it will take two or maybe three hits to get him on the ground this year. They did loose a bunch of good OL guys so that might be a concern.
Not sure on BIsmarck but they always seem to put a good team on the field.
Davies will have possibly the most potent passing attack this year and if they can find a RB to make people play the run more they will be tough to beat.
WF has 36 seniors this year with several of them that were starters last year, but they are replacing a QB who knows if the offense will get off the ground. Defense should be tough again as most starters are returning and they lead league in that last year.
FN is rebuilding and might have one more year of tough times.
Sheyenne might be the sleeper, they had a kid that received some type of award at the NDSU football camp this year. Now i am not sure what year he was in so it might have been a younger kid, but they have some pretty big boys for just being Juniors and were kicked around last year, so scores to settle.
GFC is unknown to me, but they had alot of work to do watching them last year.
DL no idea either
I really don't know how many and who Century lost last year.

OK fill in the blanks and give your opinions.
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Re: How does it look.

Postby go maji » Tue Aug 19, 2014 8:26 pm

From what I heard, Bismarck lost a lot of lineman. So it will be interesting to see if they can duplicate last years success (they usually do). They also have a question mark at running back.

As for Minot, qb Ben Bolinski has been attending camps this past year. His numbers could skyrocket from last year. Now we go to rb. Minot is another team that has a question mark at rb( less so than Bismarck) imo. If I could put a name out there, it would be Carter Gorney. He won a couple state championships in track, so we know he can outrun anybody. But the question is if his positives(quickness, speed) outway the negatives (work ethic, toughness). If he doesn't start, they might use a dual back system.
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