Playoff player limits!!!

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Playoff player limits!!!

Postby TheSportTruth » Sat Oct 26, 2013 11:42 am

I am curious to know from the passionate football fans that read these threads if you think having playoff player limits is a good thing....or something that needs to be changed back to if you practiced you went with.

Per NDHSAA regulations:

9-man is allowed only 40 players to dress.
A- is allowed only 50 players to dress.
AA- is allowed only 55 players to dress.
AAA- is allowed only 60 players to dress.

Now these limits do not come into affect for all schools, but they do come into affect for some schools at all levels. There will be that kid or kids that practiced all year but will be denied the experience of the playoffs do to this rule. Or is it a good idea to only bring only what you might need and help lower the cost for the NDHSAA and the participating schools.

Thanks to all those that share an opinion.
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Re: Playoff player limits!!!

Postby d_fense » Fri Nov 08, 2013 1:08 pm

Here is the explanation that I got from someone in the NDHSAA about five years ago when I asked them for the reason for player limits for postseason play. He claimed that there is a limit to help reduce the chances that one team will be intimidated by the sheer numbers of another team. Take for instance a large class A school such as Hazen possibly dressing 80 players (not saying they have that many, just going off what Truce said they once had) for a playoff game vs. a school with nine man numbers such as Velva, Milnor/North Sargent, or Linton HMB that could opting up to play Class A with a roster of say... 25. There are some that feel that a team could feel intimidated by seeing that the other team has that many more players than they do. Personally I do not like that arguement. Each team is only allowed to play 11 at a time, which I feel is all that matters. But, I do not make the rules.
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