Top defense in the state?

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Re: Top defense in the state?

Postby region3dominates » Fri Oct 08, 2010 8:11 am

Yes it is true Velva did give up points lastnight against DLB but it was the offense that gave up the points. The defense still has not been scored on and the Lakers have a decent team. some quickness and alot of heart could be a playoff team this year. Once again velva shot themselves in the foot with alot of penalties if they want to win state they need to clean up the penalties.
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Re: Top defense in the state?

Postby lovwatchingsports » Fri Oct 08, 2010 8:34 am

fanofeverything wrote:I was working between Harvey and Carrington at the time I saw 2 other Harvey games. Funny part now that you mention it the only 2 game I saw Velva play was the two vs Harvey that year.

Well I only saw the Velva Harvey game. With you being a Velva grad. I would tink you would have been to those games, a lot of people say they see games that they don't. My bad
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Re: Top defense in the state?

Postby fanofeverything » Fri Oct 08, 2010 10:12 am

I did see both the Velva Harvey games. Didn't make it back to watch any of the other Velva games that year. Only reason I was around for the semi game was it was deer season. Last year I think I saw 4 Velva games, but this year I haven't made a single one. Too busy and nothing worth watching anyhow. I might make it to Velva/Harvey but unlikely. I will definitely be at the Velva Watford Semi game if it happens tho. Could be one of the best A football games in recent memory or maybe ever.
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Re: Top defense in the state?

Postby thewanderer » Mon Nov 08, 2010 6:36 pm

winner-within wrote:
thewanderer[b] wrote:i think the west will dominate in the playoffs[/b]. cavalier will survive until they run into some defense. superior coaching in programs like Velva, WC, etc. will shut down the passsing offense of Cav. the weather also will come into play late in the season in ND unless they make it to the championship that is played inside. time will tell. jmho

Dominate who (the west) Unless I am wrong (which is rarely, :) ) West don't meet East till the Dome, right?? so west dominates west??....Cavalier (and I am not saying they will dominate) has the Coaches and coordinator's this season....the nucleus is the experience on the field (lot a football above the shoulders) on this team...they will be tough to beat.

it appears to me that cavalier was out scouted by their opponent. maybe looked pass them and didnt take them seriously. who knows. to bad. i am a fan. JMHO
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