The end of an era

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Re: The end of an era

Postby old#63 » Sat Jan 01, 2011 5:20 pm

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Run4Fun2009 wrote:How does a college like UND have to change the Sioux nickname, whereas a high school (Westhope-Newburg) doesn't have to change their Sioux nickname?

Because the last time I checked Westhope wasn't affiliated with the NCAA.

Florida State is affliated with the NCAA, and they get to stay as the Seminoles. I understand that the governing group in Florida approved it, but it could still be offensive to someone.

The only way the NCAA gave exemptions was if the local tribes endorsed it. That just didn't happen for UND. Florida State Seminoles, Central Michigan Chippawas, and Utah Utes all got approval from the local tribes and were granted exemptions. UND couldn't get that to happen. I really thought when Murphy got voted in as Tribal Chairman at Standing Rock that he would let the tribe vote on it, but he didn't. End of the story.

Aren't the Utes a fake tribe like the Illini?

The Fighting Illini is an honored group of Illinoisans who fought in World War 1. The the Chief symbol (that was retired) was adopted after the Fighting Illini nickname was established.

Exactly. The name of the tribe that inhabited Illinois was the Illiniweks. The state of Illinois was named after that tribe, but "Illini" was ruled by the NCAA to be a nickname for the state rather than the tribe. But the use of "Chief Illiniwek" and any association of the Illini to native american heritage was discontinued. I suppose it would be the same deal if UND was the Dakotans instead of the Sioux. They would probably be allowed to keep the Dakotan name but still would have to get rid of the native american symbolism.
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Re: The end of an era

Postby winner-within » Sat Jan 22, 2011 9:11 am

Sioux, Means snake in the grass, its a nickname in itself, it was given to the Lakota, Yankton, Dakota, and the overall plains (ND, SD) Natives as the east was pushing west, by the Ojibwa (Chippewa)...the Sioux were in fact good warriors and good fighters, but not by choice, they were defending there Land, virtually the last of the Natives to surrender. I'm part Sioux, and part Ojibwa...I am for the Fighting Sioux Name, and I will tell you why, it keeps them in the public eye (and we should not forget about the people who were here first), and as the country Keeps letting immigration run wild, people will start to feel what they felt as the Europeans were coming...and might have an appreciation of how it once was in America.
we talk about back when, back when George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were running a country that was based on the Constitution and the Bill of rights... seems to be clouded by all the debt and all the free trade etc etc, doesn't it?
When they (Sioux) talk about back when they talk about, living off the land and respecting Mother Earth...and then that was clouded by the Constitution and the Bill of rights.

I think the UND nickname was primarily (when first used) a true Mascot (lets be funny, NDSU are the Bison and you know what the Sioux did to the Bison)....but I think things have changed and those Hockey players and and Athletes that cover their backs and chests with that symbol have truly embraced it and would fight to the end for their School just like the Sioux fought for their Land.....Its like this, You can take our Land, you can use our name...but Please, take care of it and wear it with pride.... It should stay!
I once read a Story written by a member of the Calvary who were Keeping an eye on Crazy Horse, (ultimate Sioux Warrior) Sitting Bull and his people... he stated..."I saw Crazy Horse today from a distance" he said "this man is intimidating from a 100 yards away"...he must have been a pretty good athlete too.
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