Pick the winners in the High School Playoffs

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Pick the winners in the High School Playoffs

Postby scc » Fri Oct 16, 2009 1:53 pm

Check out http://www.NDPlayoffs.com for this year's High School Football Playoffs Contest.

The game is separated into five rounds:

Round 1: 9-Man 1st Round
Round 2: 9-Man 2nd Round and Class A 1st Round
Round 3: 9-Man, A, AA, AAA Quarterfinals
Round 4: 9-Man, A, AA, AAA Semifinals
Round 5: Dakota Bowl

Selections may be made on a round-by-round basis. Round 2 will not open for picks until round 1 is finished, and so on...

Thanks and good luck!
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Re: Pick the winners in the High School Playoffs

Postby jwiggs » Mon Nov 07, 2011 11:39 am

First of all i'd like to say, i have no idea, who the group of individuals are, who came up with and adopted the idea of home field shall be given to the odd numbered regions in odd years and given to even numbered regions in even years, is this a joke ? what happened to, the team who has the better record at the end of the regular season shall be rewarded, with home field ? isn't it possilbe that a team with 1 or 2 games left at the end of the regular season may rest and not allow some of their better players to play and also to prevent a possilbe injury or to heal from a previous injury,in these games, if they have already clinched a spot in their region and know that they will have home field no matter what happens in the last regular season games because of the odd year, odd region, even region, even year rule. next, no one can tell me that home field doesn't make a difference in the outcome in high school sports or for that matter, any sport, certainly when a team has to ride in a bus half way across the state to play the game !!! This unintelligent rule takes away the reward for a team that has proven themselves during the season. I would think the group of individuals who came up with this idea would admit they have made a mistake and apologize to those who have been affected. in conclusion, i'd like to say, i hope these people are not involved in the education of our youg student athletes.
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Re: Pick the winners in the High School Playoffs

Postby Flip » Tue Nov 08, 2011 4:23 am

I can't tell by reading your post if you know this, but the high seed is still awarded with the home game. It is only when like seeds meet does it go by the year and the region for home field advantage. It's a good rule with 4 regions, it was unfair to 4 of the 6 regions last year when they had 6 regions.
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