A more interesting question

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A more interesting question

Postby winner-within » Wed Nov 09, 2011 8:51 pm

Instead of worring about if some team could play up (Grafton to EDC).....or if this team could compete at a higher level, let me ask this question.....some may think its obvious and then some may look at it as a tough question.

Clould Hanson and a few others from Grafton have the same dominating stats and end results when it comes to All-State and such, playing in AAA??? yep!

Could, Chrest, Spencer Robbins, Hagler, Grande, Flanigan, Otto, and the other stand outs in 9-man make Grafton a better team if they played for them???....yep!

The State of ND is a one level Althlete State.....its the ones who Grasp, work harder, have a slight advantage naturally, slight advantage absorbing.... who ultimatly raise the bar.....I also believe its the ones who are parented (not the same way) but in the way that fits the bill that excell....JMHO
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Re: A more interesting question

Postby footballchicken » Thu Nov 10, 2011 1:44 pm

Regarding the statement on parenting - 100% correct

if your parents are involved and support your team and care as much as the athlete, that athlete tends to be one of the standouts

if your parents dont care, the athlete is more likely to have the same "i dont care attitude" also about that specific sport
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