Week 2 - ND Boys High School Hockey (09-10)

All teams in ND
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Week 2 - ND Boys High School Hockey (09-10)

Postby HockeyHigh » Sat Nov 28, 2009 4:49 pm

Week 2, all the teams will begin to get involved and we'll really start to see where teams have gone over the summer months! Times are in respect to their local time zones.

Again, any time a game is missing, please post or message me the date, time and who is playing as well as results if they have already played the game. Thanks!

Tues. 1st:
10 Grand Forks Red River at Wahpeton / Breckenridge 1 4-Point
4 Fargo North at Grafton / Park River 4 OT/FINAL (EDC Game of the Week)
10 Bottineau at Hamiota 2

Thurs. 3rd:
4 East Grand Forks at Grand Forks Red River 7
1 Bismarck High at Minot 3 (WDA Game of the Week)
2 Hazen / Beulah at Dickinson 3
2 Mandan at Bismarck Century 4
1 Fargo Shanley at Devils Lake 4

Fri. 4th:
4 Williston at Bottineau 3
1 Dickinson at Bismarck High 5
7 Grand Forks Central at Crookston 0
3 Jamestown at Minot 2

Sat. 5th:
0 Jamestown at Bottineau 4
2 Wahpeton / Breckenridge at Devils Lake 4
6 West Fargo at Fargo North 3

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