HS Boys' Ice Hockey Schedule (2009-2010)

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HS Boys' Ice Hockey Schedule (2009-2010)

Postby HockeyHigh » Sat Aug 15, 2009 12:44 am

Collaborative schedules for the EDC and WDA games for a majority of the teams (almost all) can be found at the following links.

Eastern Dakota Conference (EDC)
Western Dakota Association (WDA)

In order to access a single teams full schedule for 2009-2010, click on their team name for one of their games already listed. If the team has a schedule, it should bring you to their team page, just click on "View Schedule" on the right, under the "TEAM SCHEDULE" heading.

Note: This is going to be the same topic reposted for each year (So that comments/tournament additions are not scrambled up). You can find the schedule for previous/past years by using the drop down menu in the middle top of the page when you click the respective EDC/WDA links above.

<2008-2009 Schedule Thread>
<2010-2011 Schedule Thread>
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